Anodamine offers a full OEM compliant for all treatment protocols AVT R, AVT O, AVT (OT), complete replacement, green chemical program that provides protection throughout the entire steam cycle.

With over 43,000 MW currently utilizing Anodamine treatment protocol in both HRSG and coal fired units operating as base load, cycling, and peak load facilities Anodamine is setting a new standard for power plant reliability and availability.

Base-load units reliability have significantly increased utilizing anodamine over conventional treatment protocols. Peaking and cycling units are able to quickly return to operation after down time. Our customers are able to provide electricity more dependably, more rapidly, and more economically than other competitive providers utilizing conventional treatment. Anodamine is a fully OEM equipment compatible product for all turbine manufacturers exceeding steam quality cation conductivity requirements. Anodamine has been proven to provide protection in the critical PTZ of turbines, and superheaters. Even during wet layup all areas of the steam system remain protected.

Anodamine allows the elimination of Hydrazine and other oxygen scavengers and is safer, easier to use, fully environmentally friendly solution for power plant protection.

Anodamine has been proven to eliminate:

  • Both Single and Two Phase FAC
  • Stress Corrosion Cracking
  • Oxygen Pitting



How does Anodamine work?

Watch this video to find out.


Its volatile to non-volatile ratio protects turbines, even in the early condensate areas of the phase transition zone among other areas.

Anodamine provides complete offline protection for wet layups of cycling and peaking units as well as continual operation of base load units.

Find out more how Anodamine can increase the reliability and availability of your installation and why many major power companies are changing their entire fleets of both coal fired and gas HRSG plants to Anodamine treatment protocol.

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