Protection and Efficiency for the Entire Cooling Circuit


The Anodamine multi-component metal passivation formulations are unequalled in cooling circuit passivation. The single pack formulations are custom prepared including a proprietary polymer for thermal stability to >250°F.

The completely non-hazardous, non-eutrophication formulation offers almost 100% inhibition capability and is only dosage dependent against calcium, magnesium, and iron salts even at high pH and temperatures. Other conventional chemicals cannot, either being very susceptible to thermal degradation, not resistant to biocides and/or degradation products, and/or their degradation products are highly corrosive.

How does Anodamine work?

Watch this video to find out.

Heat exchanger protection, reliability, and availability are the core performance demands of successful cooling tower chemical treatment.

Anodamine is specifically designed to be compatible with our preferred granulated peroxide sanitization protocol. It is a full replacement for less effective, corrosive oxidizing programs like chlorine and bromine.

Anodamine DISP™ is a water soluble polymer dispersant. It is a green treatment agent, with properties of non-phosphor, non- nitrogen containing, 100% eutrophication free, fully biodegradable. DISP™ has almost twice the scale inhibiting ability of traditional polymer dispersants on calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, barium sulfate, calcium phosphate, etc. Its scale inhibition rate for calcium carbonate is 100%. Moreover, DISP has dispersion and corrosion inhibition properties for metal equipment when used with Anodamine.