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We utilize the most cutting edge analytical methods, equipment and chemical technologies to increase the reliability and safety or our customers installations all while reducing costs, improving safety, and reducing environmental impact. Our technical support experts are sought after worldwide in steam cycle chemistry conferences and meetings.

What People Are Saying
When Anodamine first visited the refinery we were shocked by the iron levels in the returning condensate.
Refinery in Houston
Thanks for your recent audit from Anodamine, the audit revealed many areas for improvement that will be very beneficial in the long run.
Specialty Chemical Manufacturer in Texas
After application of Anodamine to the feed water system, we measured a dramatic reduction of cycle corrosion products during unit starts and transient load operation.
PRI Success Story Publication
Anodamine demonstrates good properties of pitting and crevice corrosion inhibition.
PRI 2013 Generation European Workshop
I can only attribute a 50% reduction in startup time to improved steam and condensate treatment. We have found remarkably less tube fouling when we cleaned the boilers for annual inspection. Thank you Anodamine!
Petrochemical Manufacturing Plant, Texas
The Anodamine treatment within about 7 days of starting, reduced the iron levels in our condensates dramatically.
Oil Refinery, Texas
Our system went from from poor performance and multiple tube failures per year, to a good system with no tube failures for multiple years. The leak clamps became a thing of the past with MOC documents used to monitor that progress.
Oil Refinery, Texas
Makeup water was reduced as the blowdown rates dropped as a result of the Anodamine, versus the conventional sulfite and amine additions.
Petrochemical Refinery, Texas
Anodamine is an effective corrosion inhibitor of crevice corrosion of both mild steel and ferric stainless steels in sodium chloride solutions.
Pennsylvania State University, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, research study 2012
The use of Anodamine technology to protect out-of-service metal surfaces. Utility equipment wold be ready for immediate operation while also protected from corrosive conditions.
Power Plant Chemistry 2012
Cleaner unit start-ups during the trial suggest that both short-term and long term lay-up protection is optimized (without a nitrogen blanket, without deoxygenated makeup or maintaining a condenser vacuum).
Nevada Power Plant - Industrial Water Treatment Magazine October 2014