From a single injection point into the boiler feedwater, Anodamine™ delivers complete protection to the entire steam cycle system, improving reliability and increasing the availability of the plant’s steam utility assets.

Anodamine™ eliminates corrosion mechanisms in the boiler feedwater sections such as oxygen pitting, Flow Assisted Corrosion, and hydrogen embrittlement, as well as copper leeching and dissolution in admiralty sections.

How does Anodamine work?

Watch this video to find out.

Anodamine will not harm the product stream in refineries or petrochemical installations. Anodamine does not contribute to—but rather helps protect from—salt fouling from amines injected into the crude overhead systems.

With a thermal stability of 1050°F,
 Anodamine protects the boiler tubes, drums, and steam generation components from corrosion and scaling, eliminating boiler tube failures and the need for routine boiler cleanings.

With a 50/50 volatile/non-volatile ratio, Anodamine protects the steam and condensate system everywhere the steam travels, even to the far reaches of the piping in both the vapor and aqueous phases. Problematic steam traps both in admiralty metals and alloys are protected from corrosion issues.

Anodamine provides preemptive protection from hardness incursions into the boiler and for pH excursions in the condensate system due to hydrocarbon leaks.

Anodamine protects boilers, generators, piping, and equipment during outage periods with layup protection of equipment in place, even in unplanned outages. This capability allows for more rapid startups and eliminates corrosion increases during outages.


Anodamine’s cooling system treatment protocol provides superior protection for heat exchangers in the cooling circuits of refineries.