• Proven Technology

    Driving Efficiency for Nearly 20 Years


Anodamine was first developed and used in the South African sugar refineries nearly 20 years ago. Our experience and technology makes us uniquely positioned to offer the best available technology for the protection of the entire steam cycle including boilers, cogeneration turbines, evaporators, and condensate systems.

Additionally, we offer a dispersant to greatly extend the process operation unmatched in its ability to prevent scaling of heat exchangers in the process side often extending efficient heat exchanger functionality for an entire process season before needing cleaning. All this is accomplished while eliminating corrosion throughout the steam cycles system for both ferrous and admiralty metals.

How does Anodamine work?

Watch this video to find out.

Anodamine is so effective at maintaining clean and efficient heat transfer surfaces that we can almost permanently maintain a 1 to 1 ratio of steam generated and V1 vapor. Our technology greatly reduces solids in the boiler resulting in very significantly reduced blowdown rates and boiler carry-over. Anodamine protects the system from sucrose incursions and moreover our technology efficiency means that sugar contaminated condensate is not needed as makeup.

Anodamine equally protects turbine components from liquid drop impingement, stress corrosion cracking, and caustic gouging. Anodamine has been scientifically and practically proven in use to eliminate 1 and 2 phase Flow Assisted Corrosion all sections including the deareator, boiler feed, boiler, evaporators, and condensate lines.

Savings realized by increased efficiency, decreased energy consumption, decreased startup boiler startup time, and reduced downtime for cleaning and maintenance due to corrosion is very significant.